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Houston residents know eventually it will be time to replace that old, worn out air conditioning and heating system. has been replacing ac and heating equipment for over 25 years.  As a leading expert, we have put together some valuable information for those considering replacing their HVAC system.

Why/When To Replace Your HVAC System

  1. Age – Units 10 years or over are out of warranty which means all HVAC repairs are straight out of your pocket.  If you purchased your home new, your builders may have installed a builders grade unit.  These units typically do not last very long past the end of the warranty.
  2. Frequent Repair – At some point it becomes less cost efficient to continue repairing an older AC and heating system.  Depending on the age of your equipment the parts may become hard or too expensive to locate.
  3. Inefficient or High Electric Bills – Texas weather dictates we run our AC system 9/10ths of the year.  During summer months our HVAC system accounts for 50% or more of our energy bills and older equipment is not properly rated to help reduce costs.  Additionally, malfunctioning equipment could be costing you thousands of dollars per year in energy consumption.

New Technologies

The technology in our lives is constantly changing.  While we can see this change in everyday devices like phones and computers, most consumers do not realize the impact these changes have had on air conditioning and heating equipment.

  1. Variable Speed Units – Older systems have 2 modes – on or off.  While these states of being are tried and true they don’t leave any room for energy efficiency in the “on” position.  The introduction of variable speed technology allows the unit to be operational but not necessarily running on 100% available resources if 100% of resources are not needed.  Here’s a breakdown:
    • 1 Stage Equipment – Operates in 2 modes – on or off.  Uses 100% of allowable resources and outputs 100% based on thermostat settings.
    • 2 Stage Equipment – Two stage equipment powers on initially to use 100% of allowable resources.  After the unit has reached its potential (such as a thermostat setting of 76°) the unit will slow down to 66% usage based on external and internal variables.
    • Variable Speed – Variable speed equipment works a lot like the transmission on your car; it starts at zero and ramps up as needed.  Based on external and internal variables (humidity, temperature, thermostat settings, etc.) these units use energy wisely by increasing consumption in small increments as opposed to the all or nothing approach of its 1 stage predecessor.  These units run in a low setting the majority of the time for energy efficiency.
  2. Thermostats – We’ve come a  long way since those dated slide-style thermostats.  They always left you guessing about the actual temperature setting and unless you or a loved one stopped at home, leaving it on during the day was just a reason to kick yourself all day long.
    • Programmable Thermostats – With a programmable thermostat you can set it and forget it.  These models typically come with a wordy instruction manual but once mastered can remember 2 temperature changes per day for 5 to 7 days depending on the model.  Some will even keep track of when you should replace your filters.
    • WiFi Thermostats – Thermostats that learn!  The last few years have really seen a growing trend in thermostats that don’t necessarily need to be programmed because they learn your habits.  They can communicate with your smart phone and know when you’re close so the house is cool when you get home.  If you’re not interested in your AC system knowing your whereabouts there’s an alternative communication method in the form of an app from your phones app store (most commonly Android/Apple).  Control your thermostat with ease from anywhere so long as your thermostat is connected to the WiFi in your home.  Many manufacturers are including system information in their apps such as as: energy consumption, temperature recording, and will offer historical data for comparison as it collects usage data.

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Proving We Care With Every Repair

Large or small, you can trust that has what it takes to get the job done right.  Our at home consultation to determine which system is right for your home is free of charge (this does not include a mechanical evaluation of existing equipment).‘ well trained comfort advisers are ready to answer all of your questions and walk you through the many options available to you and your family.  If you live in the greater Houston Metroplex and are ready to discuss your options, give us a call at .

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  • Get Approved Financing on your next AC
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