Houston AC Repair & Maintenance

We repair all makes and models of air conditioning equipment.

Most Common AC Calls

  • Water overflow from pan. – One of the pieces of your air conditioning system in the attic is known as the evaporator coil.  This coils job is to remove excess humidity from the air.  Sometimes, lack of maintenance or clogged lines can lead to an overflow of the pan that collects this moisture.  Should too much water run over the top there could be water damage to your ceilings.  Our techs often recommend what is known as a float switch.  A float switch attaches to the side of the pan and is wired into your AC unit.  When water reaches a designated point on the float switch, it will turn your AC unit off to prevent water damage.

  • Not cooling – Today’s systems are quite sophisticated.  From issues with air flow, refrigerant levels, or electrical circuit issues, our qualified and trained HVAC technicians can help diagnose the issue correctly and suggest the proper corrective actions to take.

After every repair, our technicians make sure the air conditioner equipment is operating correctly before leaving the residence.  Our goal is to keep you satisfied, not just hurry off to the next call.

Priority Maintenance – Fulfills all requirements for warranties

Our priority maintenance program offers 1 Spring check and 1 Fall check for your convenience at a discounted rate.


  • Increase & Maintain efficiency of current AC system
  • Peace of mind – prolong the life
  • Reduce future equipment repair costs
  • Possible savings on utility bills

Cooling Maintenance

  • Check electrical circuitry
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check duct system
  • Clean condenser &  offer coil cleaning if necessary

Do You Have An AC Emergency?

Call us 24/7 at for emergency AC and Heating service in the Houston area. We are here when you need us at competitive rates.


  • Get Approved Financing on your next AC
  • Get Approved Financing on your next AC
  • Get A New Water Heater Installed for $999