Houston Heating Repair and Maintenance

We repair all makes and models of heating equipment for gas, electric and propane systems.   We are certified heat exchanger experts.

Most Common Calls

Smell – Starting up heaters at the beginning of the season usually brings a smell, however if the smell persists it is a good idea to call us.   Poor airflow could cause a prolonged smell as well as not changing filters regularly.

No Heat Calls – Often we find issues with tripped safety devices which could be a red flag for an improperly operating heat exchanger.  Circuit board issues also present themselves on no heat calls.

Priority Maintenance – Fulfills all requirements for warranties

Our priority maintenance program offers 1 spring check and 1 fall check for your convenience at a discounted rate.


Heat Maintenance

  •   Increase & maintain efficiency in your HVAC system
  • Peace of mind- prolong the life of your system
  • Reduce equipment & repair costs in the future
  •  Save money on utility bills

  • Check for Gas leaks (furnace)
  • Check Electrical circuit
  • Clean Heat exchanger if applicable
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide & more…


  • Get Approved Financing on your next AC
  • Get Approved Financing on your next AC
  • Get A New Water Heater Installed for $999