Protect Your Family with a Mosquito Misting System

With the recent Houston floods, mosquitos will be in full force very soon. There are few things more annoying–even dangerous–than mosquitos. They swarm, sting and spread diseases. And citronella can protect your family only so much.

A mosquito misting system from sprays a gentle mist around an area to repel mosquitos and protect your family and pets. They can also run automatically or by remote control.

Call to install a new mosquito misting system before the mosquito eggs hatch. We can also handle the maintenance of your new system to keep it working right. If you have an older system, call us about a maintenance program on that too. We’ll change out clogged nozzles, refill your tank and repair any hoses. Contact us about maintaining or repairing your current mosquito system too.

Contact us for a FREE mosquito misting home evaluation by our professional pest control technicians. Give us a call at .


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  • Get Approved Financing on your next AC
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