Houston Main Sewer Line and Drain Repair

Sewer line stoppages don’t need to bring your day to a screeching halt. insudak.ru offers several options depending on what we find is best suited for your sewer line problems.

Why do sewer lines clog?

There are many reasons sewer lines clog up, including regular wear and tear of the line itself.  Here are some of the many reasons we’ve been called out to homes:

  • Use of too many paper products
  • Toys
  • Root penetration
  • Ground shifting causing separation
  • Age – pipes can deteriorate over time

Services Offered

  • Spot Repairs – It is not always necessary to replace an entire line, we have no minimum on spot repair length as some companies do.
  • Tunneling – Primarily for underslab repair
  • Full replacement or Re-Route – insudak.ru will replace your entire existing line or if it seems more prudent we can add another line and re-route your sewer drainage through the new lines.
  • Free camera inspection when we are called out for a residential main line issue where there is an existing cleanout
  • Install clean outs

When to call

If you notice when flushing one toilet the water reemerges elsewhere in the home including bathtubs and sinks or when no water seems to be draining in the entire house it is time to call a professional. Our licensed and well trained technicians will diagnose your issue and quote the repair method specific to your needs.


  • Jetters – small and large
  • Sewer machines with different heads – these do not guarantee root blockages to be cleared.

From sink stoppages to bathroom stoppages or any other plumbing needs your home might need, you can rely on insudak.ru.


  • Get Approved Financing on your next AC
  • Get Approved Financing on your next AC
  • Get A New Water Heater Installed for $999